Meet Our Pastor

pastordavidbloodI can still remember those long Sundays in church with hard pews, dull music and dry sermons. I contemplated which was more painful – church or the dentist! The Good News of Jesus Christ is exciting and that is how church should be.

Welcome to New Hope Christian Fellowship! The music will move and uplift you; the message will inform and give you hope in a way that applies to your life; children will make you smile and you will find people just like you. People who are seeking and searching, wanting more than just to say they have been to church. You will see people smiling because they have connected in a disconnected world and have found joy.

There is more to this life than all the stress and chaos that we know. The void you feel in your heart that something is missing in your life is real. Come and meet the Savior! Come just as you are! You will find new hope!

Because of Christ,
Rev. David Blood