The New Hope Podcast

The New Hope Podcast is ready!

As of this writing, we now have close to 100 Sunday Messages online and accessible via Podcast! This means you can now subscribe to our podcast and get new Sunday Messages as they are posted.

What exactly is a podcast?

A podcast is a feed that you can subscribe to, usually on your phone, that lists all of the shows or episodes you can listen to. This is done via a “podcast” app.

What makes a podcast special is that you can subscribe to it and have new episodes download automatically to your podcast player. This way you listen offline or even while you drive! If you like what you hear and want more, simply view the feed for older episodes that might peak your interest and you can download them or play them live.

Podcasts came about back in in the early iPod days. People used their iPods not only for music but also to listen to talk shows and other forms of entertainment. Within the last few years, podcasts have had a resurgence in popularity and for many people they are replacing old-fashioned radio because of their convenience and because you can basically create your own custom radio station.

Our Messages

Our Sunday Messages have always been posted to our website and you can certainly come here for a listen (see “Messages” on the left-side menu), but with the convenience of a podcast, we think you’ll enjoy listening to our Sunday Message feed both for new sermons and messages as well as for listening to older messages that may have meaning for your current walk in life. Give it a try!

Won’t this use up my phone’s data plan?

Typically, no. Most podcast apps default to only automatically download podcasts when you are connected to a WiFi. While you can download podcasts over your cellular phone data plan, the default behavior of podcasting apps is to be polite and respect your data. As with anything, please double check your podcast app’s settings and preferences to be sure.

Podcasts are not just for phones.

While podcasts are most popular on smart phones nowadays, you can usually use podcasting apps on tablets and computers as well.

How do I get started?

The first thing you need to know is the web address of the podcast feed. Our podcast feed is:

As of this writing, we are also in the process of publishing our podcast on iTunes. This will make it even easier for iPhone and other Apple devices to easily search and subscribe to our feed. We’ll update instructions as soon as we are on iTunes.

iPhone, iPod and iPad instructions

The “Podcasts” app is pre-installed on iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices.

Choose “My Podcasts” (second icon from the left – bottom of your podcast screen).

Choose the “+” sign at the top left.

Choose “Add Podcast

Enter “

Choose “Subscribe

You’re now set to view our feed and listen to our podcast!


Android Devices

The process is very similar to the above Apple directions. The main difference being that Android phones come from a variety of manufactures and cell phone carriers. There is no standard podcast player pre-installed (typically). You first have to go to the Google Play store and download/install a quality podcasting app (always read the ratings). There are high-quality free podcasting apps as well as some very good premium ones.

Android podcast app example…


It’s just a matter of picking an Android podcast app and finding where to enter subscription feeds at. If you have any problems, simply ask us, we’ll be glad to help figure it out!